The Iola Keaton Celebration
announces its theme for 2015
Buster Keaton
The Marx Brothers:
Celebrating American Laughter

September 25 - 26, 2015, in Iola, KS
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Film and enlightenment from the era of Buster Keaton and film comedy.

Last updated 11/24/2014

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Film comedian and director Buster Keaton was born in Piqua (Pick-way), Kansas, in 1895 while his parents were performing in a traveling medicine show. Each year Iola, KS, -- seven miles east of Piqua --, hosts a celebration in Keaton's honor.

All activities are held at the  Thomas H. Bowlus Fine Arts Center in Iola, Kansas.

Funding provided by
The Kansas Humanities Council

Clopton Family Trust

and with help from  private donations

Link to Carol Yoho's Keaton WebSite
(A great site--Includes Accomodations Information and Photos from the Past Celebrations)

All activities are held at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in Iola, Kansas.

There are no fees. Donations are always welcome.

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